U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services Our Mission – Vision – Core Values

Our Mission – Vision – Core Values


Dedicated to providing  Loc Care/Restoration & Loctician Learning that is Thorough and Unmatched!


Our Vision is to see Every Client with Healthy, Full and Luxurious Locs in their Natural State.

Core Values

  • Integrity/Honesty/Truth We aim to make sure that every client is comforable, informed and satisfied with upfront pricing, needs and consultation practices.
  • Transparency– We believe that client to stylist relationships are important. If there is a problem between either, we can be sure to discuss and solve the problem right away.
  • Excellence– For each client that sits in our chairs, we aim to make sure that each service is performed with exfellence and as intended and agreed.
  • Service– We strive to always improve and give great loc service to our clients.
  • Community– We believe in making sure that the commnuity has access to education for locs to improve their career status and their options for financial stability.