U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services Dreadlock Trade Training Program

Dreadlock Trade Training Program

Comprehensive Dreadlock Program

The Most Extensive Dreadlock Course Available

Learn Everything from Starter Locs on Kinky Hair to Bald Spot Coverage with Straight Hair Locs, Instant Locs to Permanent Loc Extensions on permed hair and from Dreadlock Styles to Repairs on Pulled Out Locs… You will have the capability to fix almost any dreadlock problem. There is no course available that is as informative or that arms you for success like our program. The opportunities are endless and there aren’t enough locticians to go around. Clients even consistently travel between states because they can’t seem to find a specializing loctician in their area. The opportunities truly are endless. Classes are offered in Detroit, MI. and are hands-on-training classes(the BEST AND FASTEST way to learn).

This dreadlock program offered by EveryBodys Locs and U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC combines comprehensive classroom instruction with essential hands-on training in an actual beauty setting (with real-life models) for a complete educational foundation. The program is designed to take a student’s interest in the growing industry of loc care to the next professional level. By learning loc creation, maintenance and repair, students can help people look their best (as they work towards building great careers for themselves).

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Training in this Program Includes

  • In-depth focus on natural hair theory and real-world practice and experience.
  • Coursework that is designed to enhance the student’s development of practical and technical skills.
  • Using professional loc supplies and equipment.
  • Hands on training for the entire loc process.
  • A Loc Care Student Kit, which contains various tools used in the industry, as well as text information are provided by U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC.
  • Opportunities for employment in loc care.
  • No educational determinations have been made for The State of Michigan or any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.

Location of this Program

  • Detroit Midtown area near Wayne State University

Loctician Career Possibilities

A career as a professional loctician can be fun and rewarding. Graduates of this program are eligible to pursue entry-level employment in positions that may include:

  • Retwist Specialist
  • Repair Specialist
  • Styling Assistant
  • Shampoo Detox Professional
  • Bald Spot Coverage Specialist
  • Instant Loc and Extension Specialist
  • …or Master Loctician of all the above!

Jobs in this field can be realized nationwide and even all over the World!

  • Loc Styling and Care is a growing industry, exponentially every year at such a rate that true experienced locticians are outnumbered in availability.
  • Until now, there has not been sufficient, complete or comprehensive training provided to new and upcoming locticians.
  • More and more people have shown interest in wanting and maintaining locs since 2010, creating a whole industry boom.

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Qualities of A Loctician

You need to be able to work with the unique hair texture of African-Americans, as they make up the majority of clients. You’ll also be exposed to straight hair textures of any ethnicity. During the course of your training, you should aim to get experience with as many different hair lengths and textures as possible. It is also important to have strong fine motor skills, as loc care is intricate work that requires fast, careful handwork. Since it can take several hours to do new locs for an entire head of hair, you should be able to stand for extended periods of time. A good loctician should also be skilled at communicating with clients to understand what they want. Depending on each customer’s wishes, a loctician may need to do different-sized locs and different designs.

What is the average salary Locticians can earn?

As being a loctician is such a new career, there is little available information on the amount of money a loctician can expect to earn. According to U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC, reports of an average salary of $25,000 to $40,000 for professionals in this group are expected. There are parts of the country where locticians can typically earn more money. There are no current guidelines set for locticians since this industry is fairly new and most locticians “wing it” with You Tube and basic knowledge/experience.

Choose the Loctician program best for you with EveryBodys Locs and U Natural Hair Dreadlock Services LLC today and get the career training you need to start your journey toward becoming a loctician.

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