Bald Coverage

A BETTER System to Cover Your BALD SPOTS with Locs SAME DAY!

Achieve loc coverage WITHOUT those itchy, hard to maintain and heavy feeling LOC UNITS.

Video of Bald Spot Coverage on Existing Locs




Video of Bald Spot Coverage with New Locs




Invisible Laceless Breathable  Bald Coverage for Locs.

NO MORE needing all that ITCHY LACE and DAMAGING GLUE. For those uncomfortable with the lace fabric and glues.

We DON’T NEED to cut Your Existing Locs, we make Custom Coverage to KEEP your locs.

We also restore your hard earned existing locs.

You can SWIM, EXERCISE, and WEAR STYLES in most cases. And best of all, YOU CAN SEE YOUR OWN SCALP!

You can get PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED  temporary INVISIBLE tracks added to your locs to cover that stay and is maintenanced by a professional periodically. 

Don’t have locs but still want coverage?, we can give you just enough length to cover your spots  too and have a new loc style.. 

Try Bald coverage with Loc Extensions

*****6yrs of Expert Bald Coverage Service******



GET NEW LOCS to COVER Your Spot SAME DAY with Extensions Short as 2″

Choose below to Get a custom quote to see what solution you are eligible for. Cover those spots for good in a self manageable way.

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  • Pulled Out Locs to the Scalp

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Alopecia

  • Thinning Locs

  • Stress

  • Fight

  • Improper Maintenance

  • Pregnancy(Hormonal)



Covers spots realistically to look like a full head of locs

Can Be Washed or Wet

Allows for more versatility



May occasionally itch without Rosemary Spray for Some scalps

Can break when pulled with force

Cannot be self installed, must be maintained by professional


Its human hair that was cleaned and processed in a plant so it has no oils or conditioning in the locs so they’ll be dry.

We can soften overtime if your hair isn’t going to be a problem doing that. Install time with help is about 6 hours cause there are so many and so little. If your hair has grip in it it will go smoothly.  If you are one of those people with kinky soft hair and its smooth, locs can slide and even slide off, maybe up to 10 in the first 2 months cause you need to grip.  You can’t wash your hair for a period, don’t know till I feel your hair. But it’s normal.  If your hair is kinky coarse, you’ll be straight. You have a 14 day guarantee for the extensions so hold on to any that fall and I just put them back in for free. Eventually everything is tight and you can wash and shake and go.  Styles can be worn in MOST cases, however, it depends on the client on a case by case basis.


The bridge is maintained and held down by the surrounding locs. So when your surroundings locs grow, they and the unit must be tightened back down. You keep every last loc for any issues to be replaced should any locs ever fall away. Never throw your locs away in ANY Instance! Retightening of the unit is around average $25 to $75 a session once its installed. If should break, you don’t have to come in for a retwist of the whole head, you can just get that fixed if need be, a 30 minute process most times.

If natural hair grows out , the track, while still attached, slides down. This is an indicator that the surrounding locs the dreadlock track is attached to needs to be retightened so that the track fits snug back in place.


You also get a free Bald Coverage Trial Kit when you schedule and attend your Bald Coverage Face to Face Consultation. While Supplies Last!