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Interlocking Maintenance Quote

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  1. Hair must be at least 3 inches in length or longer.

Interlocking Maintenance

Your Locs should be interlocked every 2 months on average, less or more depending on your growth rate. We usually interlock in a manner that prolongs the style without being too tight. If Palm Roll Retwist last only a week on your hair, you may want to consider Interlocking which lasts up to 2 months as a retwist method. Professional washing can be done during this period and is recommended. Also, light repairs such as those on thinning hair or broken off locs can be performed along with the retwist. The more thorough your answers, the more accurate your quote will be so please Begin your quote below and a representative will respond via text to confirm final quote, ask further questions and/or provide a direct link to book your appointment: