Full Master Loctician Course Bundle




It’s BEST to LEARN ALL 6 Modules

What you will learn in each module:

Module 1: Loc Maintenance Mastery

  • Loc Definitions with Quiz
  • Retwist Root Maintenance
  • Straight Hair Maintenance
  • Crochet Root Maintenance
  • Palm Rolling
  • Basic Styling

Module 2: Loc Starting Mastery

  • Parting and Sizing
  • Traditional Starting Methods
  • Finger Twists
  • Coil Comb Twist
  • 2 Strand Twists
  • Instant Locs Methods

Module 3: Loc Conversion Mastery

  • Wicks Locking & Maintenance
  • Combining Locs
  • Freeform to Traditional Locs

Module 4: Loc Repair Mastery

  • Attach Reattach a Broken Loc
  • Thinning Locs At Root & Along Loc
  • Fixing Sliding Extensions
  • Fixing ‘Y’ Locks & Holes In Locs
  • Separating Too Big Locs
  • Combining Too Small Locs
  • Repairing Tree Locs
  • Extending a Loc
  • Bulging, Buckling Bunching Locs
  • Extra Materials Removal
  • Loc Replacement
  • Extreme Restoration

Module 5: Loc Extensions Mastery

  • Preparation of Scalp
  • Choosing Hair/Locs
  • Making Locs by Texture
  • Parting Styles & Sizing of Loc
  • Color Blending with Different Color Hair
  • New Extensions on Loose Hair by Texture at Various Lengths
  • Extending Existing Locs on Starters and Instant Locs to Blend

Module 6: Loc Bald Coverage Mastery

  • Bald Coverage Issues and Reasons
  • Preparation of Scalp & Analyzing Problems
  • Scalp Design
  • Choosing Hair/Locs
  • Placement of New Locs/ Loc Mirroring
  • Bald Coverage Techniques
  • Determination of Bald Coverage Types by Situation
  • Bald Coverage Maintenance/Tightening
  • Scalp Care
  • Use of Tools By Texture
  • Benefits of Return Clients

Includes:(prerecorded and explained)

  • Shampoo & Detox Methods
  • Skin Hair Issues
  • Disinfection & Cleaning Practices
  • Basic Do’s & Dont’s
  • Consultation & Scheduling

Class Dates(90 min classes)

Master Loctician Program Duration: 12 Weeks/Sessions

You will Receive twelve 2 hour classes- Flexible Scheduling Available

See Course Lists for Each Module Here:

Module 1: Loc Maintenance Mastery

Module 2: Loc Starting Mastery

Module 3: Loc Conversion Mastery

Module 4: Loc Repair Mastery

Module 5: Loc Extension Mastery

Module 6: Loc Bald Coverage Mastery

Additional Support:

Weekly Live Q & A(Interactive): 30 Minutes(via Facebook Live)

3 Times a Week

Weekly Live Head Lectures (Once a Week Prerecorded)

Certificate of Mastery of ALL MODULES: You will be Certified as a Master Loctician by U Natural Hair standards specializing in NATURAL loc care.

Access to Recorded Versions of Sessions to Review

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Loc Mastery Bundle Mannequin HeadsĀ | Loc Mastery Bundle Recommended Tools

Mannequin Heads must be purchased for each module. Mannequin heads are prepared specifially to handle the needs of each Module. The Instant Loc/Starting Loc Head has been prepared to make locs from loose hair. The Loc Repair Head already has locs and repair problems ready to follow along in class These are a MUST to perform EVERY action taught in the courses. Live Heads WILL NOT have EVERY problem and situation to Practice its respective Technique/Solution.

PLEASE NOTE: Live Stream Links for Lessons in Each Module will be provided on the lesson page, the week of that course to remain a private link for purchased courses.

All Budgets and Credit Levels Invited

Full Price: $4,500

Finance Price: $4799

Sale Price by Full Payment: $3,900